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Ống kính Voigtlander APO-LANTHAR 35mm F/2.0 Aspherical Sony E

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Tổng quan

• Tiêu cự: 35mm

• Khẩu độ: F/2.0

• Ngàm: Sony E

• Hệ cảm biến: Full-frame

• Trọng lượng: 352g

• Filter size: 49mm


Thông số kỹ thuật

Tiêu cự: 35mm

Khẩu độ: F/2.0

Ngàm: Sony E

Hệ cảm biến: Full-frame

Trọng lượng: 352g

Filter size: 49mm


Announcing Voigtländer APO-LANTHAR 35mm F2.0 Aspherical E 

The  new  35mm  APO-Lanthar E mount  has  the  highest  resolution  and  highest  color  correction  of  all Voigtländer wide angle E lenses.   As Voigtländer’s best performing E 35mm wide angle  lens  ever,  the  new  35mm  APO-Lanthar  continues  the  high  performance standard  of  Voigtländer’s  leading  50mm  f2  APO-Lanthar  E. Lens  design criteria includes apochromatic color correction, floating lens elements for better close focusing performance, two double sided aspherical elements, five abnormal partial  dispersion  elements  and  multi-coating  for  outstanding  flare  control.    
Optical performance is quite simply extraordinary.

Beautiful  bokeh  is  enhanced  with “circular  bokeh” from the circular  apertures produced at F2, F2.8, F5.6 and F16 -- best capturing point light sources. The 35mm APO-Lanthar E is similar in size to the already in production 50mm APO-Lanthar E. The manual focus  APO-Lanthar  E  mount  lens  is  chipped  for  full  interface  with  Sony  full  frame  or  APSC  cameras, providing EXIF data, focus assist, auto lens correction,   and 5-Axis Image Stabilization(if camera supported). Selective aperture system allows optional clickless video operation.


Main Features 

  • Extraordinary high resolution and optical performance 
  • Apochromat optical design eliminates chromatic aberration 
  • Floating Lens Elements for enhanced close focus performance 
  • Manual focus with all-metal lens barrel 
  • Beautiful Bokeh with Circular 12 Blade Apertures at F2, F2.8, F5.6 and F16 for point light sources   
  • Selective Aperture allows clickless operation for video shooting